Monday, June 9, 2008

The Comic Book Listings Blog!

I am The Bargain Hunter!
I collect Comic Books, all kinds of Memorabilia, and your basic household junk. Of course, I can't really afford to Buy Everything I find. And so I started The Comic Book Listings Blog!

The Comic Book Listings Blog features both "User and Hand-Picked" Classified Comic Book Listings, Movies, Memorabilia, and News articles. You can even Post Your Comic Book Listing! FREE!!! via Email!

Comic Book Listings also provides "The Comic Book Store" which was designed and Painstakingly Stocked, with every Comic Book Related thing, that has to offer.

All items have been Re-Classified, and Re-Categorized, to make shopping for Comic Book related items Much Easier, and Faster, than Endlessly searching for Comic Book related products on itself.

In deed, all you need to do is "click" on a category, and everything that has that is Comic Book related -in that category- will appear right before your eyes.

Got Comics?


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