Monday, March 10, 2008

Wheels with Ed Wallace and Inside Automotive!


Inside Automotive

Folks, allow me to break for a moment from the typical CLB tradition of listing Listings, to tell you about a man, his website, and a Radio Talk Show that you just Have to listen to BEFORE you buy your next car.

Scratch that! You have got to listen to this man's radio show,
even if you are Not looking to buy a car.

Why? Because it is More than just Car Talk.

Ed Wallace, is the host of a radio talk show called, "Wheels".
It is aired every Saturday morning, from 8am-1pm,
on Klif 570AM radio in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

It IS, (in my opinion as I sure it will be yours too), the best automotive talk show in north Texas and most likely in America.

"Mr. Wallace", (though he would have you call him Ed),
has a well above average knowledge of the automotive industry, management and of car manufacturers, new and used vehicles, and governmental issues facing the American public.

But Ed is also a historian,
and he does a segment each Saturday which he calls;
"The Backside of American History".

Now folks, I want you to know,
that this segment of his show is Absolutely Fascinating!

He is well worth listening to,
and "The Backside of American History" is just as it is billed on Wheels:

"Things you didn't learn in school"

Well, maybe we would have learned these things in school "if", they would have interested us. But let's face it, teachers aren't really teachers, their employees waiting for payday so they can go out, and get away from all us kids. But, I digress.

Truth is "I Love this show". Ed Wallace is more like a Story teller, than a teacher. And should you decide to listen to his show, his "The Backside of American History" segment, airs at about 9:30am. But I urge you, to listen to his show from the start (8:00am) as he delivers the week's news in review. It is in this segment, that that which we've been hearing all week, begins to make since.

Again, it's "Wheels" with Ed Wallace, Saturday mornings from 8am-1pm on Klif 570AM radio in Dallas Texas. (1700 AM in the Sherman & Denison TX)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled ClassifiedListingBlog!



Sheila said...

Entirely Disagree: Ed uses a fake name, real name is Louis Smith. He lies about his career successes and resume in auto biz, he lies about his name, and he is an absolute sellout to his sponsors. If you want to hear the real deal on cars, you need to be listening to john clay wolfe Sat morn on the Fan. Wolfe makes this cat look like a schoolgirl.

Anonymous said...

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Buck Dollar said...

@Sheila - If you have evidence to back up your accusations, then by all means, cite them here. Otherwise, to support one show host, while slandering another, is disgraceful! ...not to mention, "LIABLE"!!!

Ah, but of course. You have FAKED and even BLOCKED your own blogger profile of "Sheila" so that YOUR True Identity cannot be discovered, nor SUMMONED for prosecution.

In the end therefore, unless you are willing to post your evidence, and "Identify Yourself", ...You are Exposed as a LIAR, a Slanderer, and even, as a HYPOCRITE!!!

Oh but it doesn't stop there! As your comment will Now Stand as a DETRIMENT to the very person/car show, you so Foolishly and Criminally sought to promote. Why, I wouldn't trust your guy now if you Paid me to.

...By the way; "How much did Your Car Guy Pay You to Spam my blog, and post your "informative" comment???