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Barbie Doll Listings

Barbie Doll Listings

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Barbie Doll Listings:

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Barbie Magical Mansion
"Brand New In Box"
For Sale on craigslist

Mattel Barbie Magical Mansion
Barbie Magical Mansion
"Never Removed From Box"

As a Barbie doll collector, naturally I'm Always shopping the classifieds. And today I found a Barbie Magical Mansion Brand New In Box for sale on craigslist.

Seller does Not quote a price. But in that, I have been blogging about Barbie doll listings as well as Barbie Doll Houses for a Very Long time. I can tell you that this is the First a ONLY Barbie Magical Mansion "Never Removed From Box" that I have Ever found. Which makes this Barbie Magical Mansion, Extremely Rare, and a MUST HAVE for any Barbie collector.

The Mansion is located in Smithtown, New York. So, and as I Do Not know the seller. I'm not sure if Hurricane Sandy may have changed things for the seller, or not. Nevertheless, if you're in the market for one of these "Jewels", then I would definitely check this one out. (I would not however, give it to my kid for a play toy. This is Definitely a Collectors Item!)

Link: For Sale Barbie Magical Mansion Brand New In Box (Smithtown)


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