Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Million Dollars, The Hard Way

One Million Dollars,
The Hard Way

by Erica Douglass

After selling her online business at age 26 for $1,100,000.00, Erica created to help You grow your own online business quickly.

In her story, "One Million Dollars The Hard Way". Erica begins with growing up in a small farm town in Indiana, and first going online in 1995. Her parents had given her a computer, but everything else she had to buy on her own. Erica received an allowance, but her parents refused to pay for her Internet connection bill which, was "Dial-Up", and wasn’t even a local number so that she was billed by the minute!

This is a fascinating story of glass ceilings, courage, and Sheer Will to finally create a successful online business which, as I said, she sold for $1,100,000.00.

Erica now helps others to achieved their dreams and is looking for a few good dreamers (pardon the pun), to mentor in starting their own online business.

Read her full story here: One Million Dollars, The Hard Way


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